Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Gutting Our Promise

Obamacare enrollment is over
and sign-ups
are still rolling in

rapidly approaching
the 7 million mark

(which may or may not
be reached exactly).

This poet remembers
those clocks counting down
the days remaining
to the end of the Bush administration.

(Sold as novelties
but didn't really feel
like such at the time.)

Call Democrats
(and Republicans
and Independents
and unaffiliated
and just plain tired people)

smug for then wishing
a swift end to crap

since after all
what effs us up beyond all repair
can only make us stronger.

And yes right-leaning dudes
and ladies in Congress

Obama's record
actually ain't a perfect bastion
of liberal wet dreams
(believe it or not
not that you'd want it to be)

but that's where
the conversation starts
the action starts
the change starts

not in daily closing your eyes
praying for and declaring
the End of Days.

This poem © 2014 Emily Cooper.