Tuesday, March 14, 2017

For Microwaves of Grain

Setting aside the fact
that Trump starting a rumor
that President Obama "had [his] wires tapped"
during his campaign

is a good distraction from Russia and Azerbaijan and healthcare
and he probably is as tethered to this lie

as he is to real reality
(meaning accidentally if at all)

before Kellyanne Conway
is barred from all networks
for being a liar

with the bigger vocabulary
and the "if I just keep talking you can't interrupt me"-speed of talking
that her boss cannot provide

we citizens should take a moment

to appreciate her skill
for interweaving the wacky idea

with the passive-aggressive
"I'm just throwing it out there
don't shoot the messenger"-style statement
that slowly erodes the country's credibility.

“I’m not Inspector Gadget.
I don’t believe people
are using the microwave

to spy on the Trump campaign” she said.

“However I’m not in the job of having evidence.
That’s what investigations are for.”

But of course
Michelle Obama always knew
how judgmental those seemingly-placid microwaves were

which is why
she planted that organic vegetable garden
in the first place.

This poem © 2017 Emily Cooper.