Monday, June 1, 2015

Brute Force of Government

After Rand Paul
successfully blocked an extension

on parts of the Patriot Act
that allowed the government
to collect bulk phone records

which led to their expiry
at 12:01 this morning

he reassured his fellows

that "We can still catch terrorists
using the Constitution."

While the USA Freedom Act
has already been approved
in the House

he has also blocked immediate action
on that piece of legislation
for a few days.

Now where's the Saturday morning cartoon
of him and a motley
libertarian cast of youth voters

carting away both terrorists
and big-government freedom and privacy violators
with a We The People lasso

into the "History Machine"

decked out in the psychedelic colors
of the Founding Fathers

which are red
and white and blue
and blackish and brownish
and grayish

as found in their coats

(never minding
Hillary's calculated real-life attempt
at such a van years ago

whereas this cartoon
would be nothing but authentic)

who utter
with one last helpless breath

"And I would have gotten away
with it too

if it weren't for
that meddling Constitution"?

This poem © 2015 Emily Cooper.