Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Americans at Work

Today Facebook has launched
a trial of "Facebook at Work"

which is different from Facebook

in that the color scheme
is a shaded white

it exists as a separate "portal"
on the desktop
as well as its own app

and you connect to colleagues

with whom you may
or may not also be friends.

If your company
signs up for the service

you don't have to have
a personal Facebook account.

Listen up Fox News

this tacitly-approved goofing off
is making the US
closer to Europe

with respect to admitting
that we like having an identity
separate from the one

that built this country

(frontier spirit
and if you want to be
all PC about it

slavery too)

and it means that Obama

(as far as any president
can actually influence the economy)

only helped create 11.2 million jobs
over the span of fifty-eight months

in a presidency
of nearly seventy-two months.

You could say he was playing
"Presidents at Work"

but that might be conveying
a mixed message.

This poem © 2015 Emily Cooper.