Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Just Assume Obama Said It

“This is the part of my speech
where I share
some inspirational quotes I found on Google”

said 18-year-old

Pineville Kentucky
Bell County High School valedictorian Ben Bowling

to the 82-percent

Trump-voting audience

“‘Don’t just get involved.

Fight for your seat at the table.

Better yet

fight for a seat
at the head of the table.'
 —Donald J. Trump.”

Applause rang out

until moments later

Bowling burst their bubble

and said

“Just kidding.

Just kidding.
That was Barack Obama"

and save for a few giggles

and a solitary "Boo"
silenced the room completely

revealing not so flatteringly
that Trump's attribution
of Obama's legacy

(the parts he likes at least)

to himself

are the only way
some voters
will remember it.

This poem © 2018 Emily Cooper.