Monday, August 25, 2014

Quid Pro Bro

Four male students
from the Materials Science and Engineering Department
at North Carolina State University

are developing a nail polish for women
that will change color

when it comes in contact
with common colorless and odorless
date-rape drugs.

An innovative idea
but unfortunately
a fashion accessory

that will provide a function
that shouldn't be needed at all.

Next up on the horizon
for another group of student researchers

is a project
to address the perpetrators.

It's a special cap

which would-be rapists
can put onto their bottles of roofies

that speak to them
in a relatable "bro" voice
when they remove the cap.

"Hey dude
in case you weren't sure
this is sexual assault.

Yeah brah
still sexual assault.

You may not care
about women

or your professors

or your parents

or even the anger
of the most chillaxed of your friends

but I can guarantee
whatever alibi you invent

won't be
a 'cool story bro'
with the police.

Why don't I
call them right now

because you're kinda
asking for it

and I really want you
to be totally safe?"

This poem © 2014 Emily Cooper.