Thursday, June 2, 2016

Nukes of Hazard

Today Hillary Clinton
in a campaign rally

in San Diego

gave us all
an un-sugar-coated assessment
of the Republican candidate.

She described his ideas
as "not really ideas"

but instead "a series of bizarre rants
personal feuds
and outright lies"

then outlined a quite plausible scenario
under his foreign policy

saying "It's not hard to imagine Donald Trump
leading us into a war

just because somebody
got under his very thin skin"

and continued to articulate
what is quite obvious
to his detractors

(and his reluctant GOP endorsers)

but probably less so
to his supporters

that Trump is "not just unprepared"

but "temperamentally unfit to hold an office
that requires knowledge
stability and immense responsibility."

As Clinton then remarked
on his "nasty tweets"

Trump fired up Twitter
and very thoughtfully
composed the rebuttal

"Bad performance
by Crooked Hillary Clinton!

Reading poorly
from the teleprom[p]ter!

She doesn't even look presidential!"

and undoubtedly thought to himself

"I just called her ugly.
That'll show her."

This poem © 2016 Emily Cooper.