Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Worst Thing Since Obamacare

A researcher working on a book
about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

has unearthed
a previously-undiscovered first version

of his "I Have A Dream" speech

which he presented
nearly a year

before he famously delivered it
in Washington D.C.
in 1963.

While a fascinating find
there's still the lingering question

of what he would've
said today

which is tragically unanswerable
for certain

that is unless
just maybe

Black Republican
2016 Presidential Candidate
Dr. Ben Carson

and the closest to a scientist
or former scientist
in the field

has the answer

which is that
"We have the purveyors of hatred

who take every single incident
between people of two races

and try to make
a race war out of it."

Well okay then

there you have it.

It's not like anybody's

bringing up issues

in order to help solve them

and interestingly
under this logic

the GOP can claim
the moral high ground
on this issue

when they neglect
to address it at all.

This poem © 2015 Emily Cooper.