Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Any Way You Want Me

Iraqi Prime Minister
is happy to have the U.S.
and our Arab allies

strike ISIS targets in Syria
so long as we
"do it right this time."

So you know
no pressure or anything.

Meanwhile in the realm
of shiny doodads

some early adopters
of the new iPhone 6 Plus

have found that
their unprecedentedly
thinner and longer alumnium

stainless steel
and glass-based devices

have become bent
after spending hours
in a jeans pocket

while their owners
were either sitting

or themselves
in a bent position.

The repair company
iCracked Inc. claims
they can reform the frame
"but given that

it’s still not
a 100 percent success rate
because it’s not
in the exact same

manufacturer’s shape.”

In the wake
of the trending "#bendgate"

the company says
that they "absolutely do not recommend

that people
try it by themselves.”

But assuming
we've got the right tools

it can't be
that hard to fix
this time around


This poem © 2014 Emily Cooper.