Monday, May 12, 2014

Measure of a Man

Hey Fox News
if you're recruiting
from the School
of Fairness and Balance

(the only school
that has any place
in our society)

and looking for an intern
to not-pay
to help write headlines

look no further
than here because

"Clay Aiken's
Republican Opponent

(well actually
he was an old white male

who like Aiken
was registered as a Democrat

and was actually
running against him
in the primary

but our viewers
need a controversy

so let's assume in his old age
he forgot to change
his registration)

in Race for Congressional Seat
Keith Crisco Dies

from Aiken's
Gay Waves of Subduction
That Caused Crisco to Fall and Die

at around 1:30 PM
in His Own Home."

So what if Aiken
is suspending
all his campaign activities

to pray for the man's
family and friends?

That's just code for
"Give me a sec

to catch the next
rainbow broomstick to Tijuana."

This poem © 2014 Emily Cooper.