Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Commedia dell Vote-ay

In this issue

it's almost time
for the identity
of the Super Blues-day superhero
to be revealed.

Guaranteed to be
Better Than Mr. Orange (TM)
in some way

the Voting Body can rest assured
that the next four years
will feature a presidency
with at least measurably reduced levels

of fearmongering
and Tweets
featuring said -mongerings and -makings.

After today
there will be no more voting
and the ever-changing Voting Body shall be released from ...

Wait a minute

the Voting Body

won't reveal the hero's certain identity
till almost the summer

and there's a Super Reds-day identity
waiting to be revealed too?

And this person
will likely be the hero's
arch nemesis
Mr. Orange?

And the Voting Body
in eight months

will choose between
Fine or Better and Worse Than Death

with characters like
Mr. Russian Hacker

Mr. Voter Suppression

and Mr. Slightly Embarrassing Political Moments
from Hero's Past

possibly making an appearance?

Yes to this and more.

Stay tuned.

This poem © 2020 Emily Cooper.