Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Running Azuck

Happy 30th birthday
Mark Zuckerberg.

Sorry if virtually every
news outlet

from amateur plebeian commentators

(on websites
such as Facebook)

to veteran
at-least-still-nominally credible
media networks

(on websites
such as Facebook)

has blamed you
for everything from wasting corporations
(except Facebook)
billions of dollars per year

to the hastening
of humanity's demise
by shortening our attention spans

and making us selfish
oversharing bullying narcissists

looking for ever-infinitesimally-smaller
and more frequent
means of sugary gratification
from so-called "friends".

That really mostly is unfair
for people will do
good or ill unto others

with or without enabling technologies

and regardless of what ideas
you "borrowed" from your peeps

you're a precociously
bright guy
with billions of dollars

but when lovable
Tom from MySpace
became everyone's friend

he still seemed
a little less clingy

when we
(moderately archaically
by now)

finally clicked away.

This poem © 2014 Emily Cooper.