Tuesday, May 5, 2015

She Comes Back to Me

If the debris
from Halley's Comet
is visible
in your part of the world

at approximately
nine in the morning
Eastern Daylight Time Wednesday

remember that
an uncaring universe

even at a negative
454 degrees Fahrenheit

is not necessarily
the same
as a "cold" universe

more like a "chill" one
perhaps just waiting for us
to clean up our own trash

and that Eminem's 2002 "Hailie's Song"
was about his daughter

who did not
spawn the comet

though she was proudly crowned
Homecoming Queen
in October 2013.

Dr. Ben Carson
thinks hip-hop is disrespectful
to modern values
of decency and respect

but nonetheless launched
his 2016 presidential campaign
with a gospel choir rendition

of her father's 2003 song
"Lose Yourself."

Barring any definite outside answer

one can only guess
that the universe

has just one message
for us

equal parts terrifying
and hopeful that

"Everything in the universe
that can happen

will happen


This poem © 2015 Emily Cooper.