Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Not-So-Silent H

Dear Senator Thom Tillis

Thank you for being a Republican
from North Carolina

and writing an op-ed
against Trump's declaration
of a national emergency
for a border wall

for the Washington Post.

"I am a member of the Senate
and I have grave concerns when our institution
looks the other way

at the expense
of weakening Congress’s power"

you say

and commenting on Obama's prior use
of a national emergency
to defer action
against undocumented immigrants

you add

"There is no intellectual honesty
in now turning around and arguing

that there’s an imaginary asterisk
attached to executive overreach — 
that it’s acceptable for my party
but not thy party."

Despite having other talking points
that this poet does not agree with

thank you again sincerely for being
from her home state

and for saying
you will vote in favor
of a bill
disapproving of the President's national emergency declaration.

Now be quiet.

This poem © 2019 Emily Cooper.