Tuesday, July 31, 2018

An Optical Collusion

Says Rudy Giuliani
creative defender of the President
who probably due to his interesting

(if somewhat different from Trump's)

relationship with the truth

has gotten to keep his position

"Collusion is not a crime."

There you have it.

Now we can safely ignore
the words of non-liberal Department of Homeland Security Secretary
Kirstjen Nielsen who says

"Let me be clear:
Our intelligence community had it right.
It was the Russians."

"We know that, they know that.
It was directed from the highest levels.
And we cannot
and will not allow it to happen again"

as well as her creation
of the DHS National Risk Management Center

because something probably happened
and Trump and his cohorts probably helped

and it was what it looked like

but what it was
was nothing.


This poem © 2018 Emily Cooper.