Friday, September 25, 2015

Speaking Out

For John Boehner
it's a sad

but remarkably lucid day.

Some say it was the DNC's
years of pithy and punny
email subject lines

that finally did him in

including "Devastating Blow to Boehner"
"Boehner Panic"

and "Big Raging Boehner
Screwing Us All"

(well okay
not that one yet).

Others say
he articulates

what reasonable people
on both sides of the aisle

have been thinking
for some time

namely that

“It’s become clear to me 
that this prolonged leadership turmoil

would do irreparable damage
to the institution.

This isn’t about me.

It’s about the people

it’s about the institution."

Now how long before
Donald Trump tweets

that he could've done
a better job?

(Meaning replacing crying

with unprovoked insults.)

This poem © 2015 Emily Cooper.