Monday, October 12, 2015

Hell of a Life

The Democratic debates
are being held tomorrow
in Las Vegas

and the party
still lacks
a Donald Trump counterpart.

It's too bad

that Kanye West
will probably not be
crashing the Party

after crashing
the American Idol auditions.

President Obama
dropped him some excellent advice
for his political career

while speaking
with donors in San Francisco
on Saturday.

West likes a challenge

so portraying the presidency
as a thankless office

was a smart use
of reverse psychology.

He began with

“First of all
you’ve got to spend
a lot of time
dealing with some strange characters

who behave like they’re on
a reality TV show

and added that “Saying that you have
a Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy"

is "what’s known
as off-message in politics."

He made his final point.

“Do you really think
that this country

is going to elect a black guy
from the South Side of Chicago
with a funny name?"

"That's cray."

This poem © 2015 Emily Cooper.