Saturday, October 3, 2015

Fifteen Repug-allo Candidates Together

Dr. Ben Carson

is six years late

in writing his part
for the Insane Clown Posse's

2009 song "Miracles"

in which the clown-made-up
"horrorcore" rap-rock duo

(whose fans
are lovingly called Juggalos)

express wonderment
with natural phenomena

such as "mountains
the seven seas"

the "sun and the moon
and even Mars

the Milky Way
and fucking shooting stars"

and the phenotypic resemblance
apparent in how "Shaggy's little boy
looks just like Shaggy"

but here it is.

"Just the way the Earth
rotates on its axis

how far away it is
from the sun.

These are all
very complex things.

Gravity where did it come from?"

But just to make it clear

despite his MD

which he used
for operating

on delicate tissue

of humans'
primary thinking apparatus

and for which
he won an award

for "miraculously"

(with a 70-person team
and 22 hours of work)

in 1987
separating conjoined twins

who were attached
at the head

he "don't wanna talk
to a scientist"

about global warming
being something
at least heavily influenced

by human activity

setting the matter with
"Y'all motherfuckers lying
and getting me pissed."

(The good doctor
may care

for neither rap
nor rock

nor presumbly horrorcore  music

but he loved that verse so much
he just had
to say it again.)

This poem © 2015 Emily Cooper.