Thursday, May 1, 2014

Paradise by the Carriage Light

Today is the National Day of Prayer
so make sure
that wherever you are

be that in a private home
a place of work
an institution of higher learning

or even maybe
in a place of worship

(if your pastor or preacher
or minister or reverend
is cool enough)

to amplify Obama's now clandestine
and nominal 
acknowledgement of Christ

by blasting that classic
Bon Jovi tune

because when you're
livin' on a prayer
you're "halfway there"

but if you should observe
a man or woman
who carries on

like some
blind flying mammal
who has the potential
to be saved

but keeps using
the deceptively secure
deep black cover of night

to deny God's everlasting love
and fly "back into Hell"

to receive the short-term pleasures
of bodily sin

you can in fact
"go all the way tonight"

by doing what the Founder Fathers
did to false prophets
and wayward sinners

(and there's even
a special badge

with all attendees
to the 1787 Constitutional Convention
lovingly realized
in polyester thread)

and leave them be

(for Richie Sambora's awesome light
will dawn on them
one day).

This poem © 2014 Emily Cooper.