Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Re-Routing the Wheel

Federal Communications Commission

Chairman Tom Wheeler
has proposed new
net neutrality rules

meaning that broadband
network owners

would be allowed to sell
an exclusive high-speed
toll road

to whichever content providers
want it
and can afford it.

Wheeler is a Democrat
who says he is committed
to an open Internet

but open and free
is still a "pipe dream"

albeit with fewer and fewer
cumulonimbus clouds

barring the now
prehistoric metaphorical
superhighway Vine

from being swung upon
by the so-called

who still have to rely
on their sweet old

Insta-Gram to snail-mail
their selfies to.

The Internet in theory
gives the privilege
of being in a place
called Nowhere

and you are a person
in a specific place on Earth
repping your particular location

while being granted
the inherent trust

of being just another Greek-prefixed
byte in the stream.

Despite that rather Snappy-Chatty tune
a trustworthy little birdie
may have innocently Tweeted
through the Glass

that stream probably will never
"trickle down".

This poem © 2014 Emily Cooper.