Monday, September 15, 2014

Public Display of Arrogance

The black actress Daniele Watts
who starred in the 2012 hit film
"Django Unchained"

was briefly detained and handcuffed
by the LAPD on Thursday

after a bystander saw her
and her white husband Brian Lucas

fully clothed and kissing
inside a parked vehicle

and reported it
as indecent exposure.

In the 1920s
it is possible that "PDA"

was streetwalker code for the question
"Prostitutional Dalliance Arrangement?"

but modern cops really deserve
the scoop on up-to-date lingo

and a brush-up
on current moral standards.

Nowadays it stands for
a prehistoric pre-iPhone
digital organizer device

or smooching your significant other
close enough to the public

that they get splashed
with errant saliva
and wipe their faces in disgust

leaving room for apologizing
and moving somewhat further away
to resume activity

(as long as it's not
blocking a fire exit)

but not getting arrested.

This poem © 2014 Emily Cooper.