Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Good Answer as so Often Is Me

Like certain ones of us

maybe Sarah Palin
makes a better poet
than she does a politician.

Obama isn't allowed
to use a teleprompter

but she did

and it broke

so during her speech
at the Iowa Freedom Summit
she improvised.

"Things must change for our government.
Look at it.
It isn’t too big to fail.

It’s too big to succeed.

So we can afford no retreads
or nothing will change
with the same people"

or the "same policies that
got us into
the status quo."

Then she proceeds
with the etymology lesson.

"Another Latin word.
Status quo.

And it stands for

‘Man, the middle-class
everyday Americans
are really gettin’ taken for a ride.'"

But really
we shouldn't make fun of her

as she made
a salient point

that "the man can only ride ya
when your back is bent."

Maybe Obama wouldn't
say it quite the same way

but "middle-class everyday Americans"
left or right
can surely agree

(if not on the cause)
that their backs are bent.

Keep writing Sarah

and sharing with the world
your solid attempts at

both cutting commentary
and comedy

but please

leave your presidential career
to Tina Fey.

(For your sake

as you'll only anger
the progressives further

and they'll rebel with a president

even worse than Obama.)

This poem © 2015 Emily Cooper.