Sunday, January 31, 2016

Life's Rich Pageant

It seems as though
if Donald Trump trusted anyone

it would be
the conventionally attractive women

of his Miss USA competition.

Or maybe it doesn't.

A former Miss Iowa competitor

Elizabeth Mae Davidson

and current field organizer
for Trump's presidential campaign

was fired after mentioning
in a New York Times article

that she was paid less
for doing the same jobs as men

and banned from speaking
at rallies and events

while male organizers were not.

Though she worked part-time
and had a second job
as a paralegal

male employees in her position
were not docked

for working part-time.

If on the off chance

he ever wanted
to rectify the situation

maybe he could borrow
some of the $20 million

Bernie Sanders' campaign
raised in January.

This poem © 2016 Emily Cooper.