Tuesday, August 28, 2018

The Dear Leader Network

It's pretty obvious
that Trump doesn't like regulations

except when it concerns Google
and its presentation of news about him
in its search results

in which case
he has tweeted rather ominously
that the "Fake New Media"
"will be addressed"

presumably to make them show him
as the figure his followers see:

a man who is very rich
and must be very smart and good
because only the bad people hate him.

Perhaps this is a diplomatic gesture

meant to align the values of our country
with another one
one in which
there is no Internet

and in which the news media

presents its hipster-haircut
baby-faced killer leader
in only the most flattering light
(or else):

North Korea.

This poem © 2018 Emily Cooper.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018


Beyond simply to destroy daily
any of the previous day's remaining positive feelings
the world has for America

the Trump administration
has taken a circuitous route
to giving us poetry

specifically beatnik poetry

for example:

"When I said I would,
I actually meant wouldn't"

because "despite the constant negative press covfefe"

"what you're seeing
and what you're reading
is not what's happening"

because "truth isn't truth"
and you "can't guarantee anything"

but "Sean Spicer
gave alternative facts"

"there is blame
on both sides"

and "the laws are the laws."

Which is to say
"You cannot defeat an enemy
you do not admit exists"

because "they were the masterminds
behind the Bowling Green massacre."

This poem © 2018 Emily Cooper.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Weak Link in the Chain

(Sung by Stephen Miller)
(Apologies to Aretha Franklin)

For my career
I thought "I'm just a man"

till Uncle revealed
we migrated in a chain

He said the family hates me
I'm hypocritical
Just 'cause I jail kids yeah
Just 'cause I treat them cruel

I'm added to the
Chain, chain, chain
(Chain, chain, chain)
Chain of fools

This poem © 2018 Emily Cooper.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Legally Totaled

Just who would Trump

via Tweet
or deranged rambling to the media that he so hates

not throw under the bus
to protect himself

under the guise
of defending them?

The answer
which should be apparent by now

is no one
not even his children.

This poem © 2018 Emily Cooper.