Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Viva Las Vegas

Just as how Barack Obama
as candidate and later president

both relaxed and built good PR
with a game of pick-up basketball

a genuinely loved hobby of his

in a visit today to the territory

President Trump built his PR with "PR"

when he

showing off
both his athletic prowess
and his penchant for entertaining the public

threw a pack of paper towels
into a crowd at a church.

Also in that adventure-packed day
he told the American citizens
that compared to Katrina
Hurricane Maria wasn't a "real catastrophe"

and that the severely-and-needlessly-delayed aid
(also known as a
perhaps Juggalo March-inspired "miracle")

was throwing the country's budget
"out of whack."

This trip follows yesterday
after the largest mass shooting
in US history. 

While Trump on Monday successfully read from a teleprompter
without giving in to the temptation
to ad-lib

(at least until today
when he found a home
for another ill-placed "miracle")

Sarah Huckabee Sanders
made clear there was no haste

to force the president
into a real role as unifier

and good-change-bringer
on gun control

calling it “premature to discuss policy"
(unless it's a travel ban
for Muslim-majority countries)

"when we don’t know all of the facts.”

Point taken

and besides
the American people already know
that no matter how the president speaks or acts

he is always ready to give away
his best golf trophies.

This poem © 2017 Emily Cooper.