Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Up Trump Creek

For the pardoning
of former Arizona Sherrif Joe Arpaio

Donald Trump
apologizes to the country

for the insensitive timing
of the act

inasmuch as it did not make
for good television.

Says the president
who did away with Obama's regulation
that would have required planners

to create a provision of infrastructure
for increasingly strong storms

and thereby mitigate their damage

“Actually in the middle of a hurricane
even though it was a Friday evening

I assumed the ratings
would be far higher
than they were normally.”

This poem © 2017 Emily Cooper.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

May Cause Lasting Damage

For months ahead of the solar eclipse
scientists warned Americans

about the dangers of gazing
at the life-giving celestial body
without special glasses

when it is anything less
than completely obscured
by the moon

articulating what it would say
if it could talk
which is
in short

"If you look at me
you're gonna get burned."

Far be it from anyone of decency
to wish partial blindness

on someone who deliberately disobeyed
the repeated warnings

Donald Trump's eyes
which he nakedly exposed

for several seconds
before he was yelled at to stop

may at least
finally face a consequence
for their reckless behavior.

This poem © 2017 Emily Cooper.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The House Un-American

Dear Mr. Trump

while you were blaming "all sides"
for the violence in Charlottesville

you were also making
a 2020 campaign ad

which claimed that your "enemies"
don't want you to succeed.

Even those people

and you know
who they are
as do they

tried while living under your shadow
to muster up the strength

to wait for you
to at least pretend to care.

It's time for you
to go back to where
you came from.

This poem © 2017 Emily Cooper.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Making the World Safe For Trump

Dear Environmental Protection Agency

in Donald Trump's safe space
for precious snowflakes

in which he is
enshrouded by an imaginary "wall"

"climate change" is not real
and must not be discussed.

Your leak
of the Draft of the Climate Change Report
is insensitive to his feelings

and a direct violation
of the President's well-being.

Please submit immediately a public apology
for the facts contained therein

or be at risk
of permanent closure.

President Donald Trump's Guardians

This poem © 2017 Emily Cooper.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Rhyming the Unreasonable

The words of Anthony Scaramucci
did not scare Trump muchly

though he would've preferred
another dialect.

And Trump's love for military
swells most bigly
towards the marching band's direction.

But only time will tell
if a general

can sway his boss
from duty dereliction.

This poem © 2017 Emily Cooper.