Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Kim Jong-Uh

Apparently Trump
the master of deals
(presumably good ones)

is having second thoughts
on going to meet with Kim Jong-Un
in three weeks

and is presenting the ramifications
of being basically
completely unprepared

for perhaps the most final
of final exams

as a deliberate diplomatic move
rather than as a strategy
for buying more time

(if it can't be canceled)

to have his Cabinet
find him a map
showing where North Korea is

and maybe tell him
a sentence or two from Wikipedia
depending on
his attention span.

Says he
the genius who already knows
everything there is to know

and perhaps realizing
that even someone more knowledgeable than he

is at risk to damage
to his person
if a wrong move is made

"That doesn't mean
that it won't work out
over a period of time

but it may not work out
for June 12."

This poem © 2018 Emily Cooper.