Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Put A Corker In It

Dear President Trump

as insensitive as it was
for Mitt Romney
to offer a $10,000 bet

to Governor Rick Perry

(now your Energy Secretary

and happy to be so
once he knew the department
had to do with nukes)

at the 12th Republican debate
in Des Moines
back in 2011

at least Romney
had the $10,000 to spend

were he wrong about Perry's
prior support of health care mandates.

You want an IQ test

but we know
you would not do very well
because the way you responded

to Rex Tillerson
calling you a moron

or more accurately
a "fucking moron"

was not to respond
by doing something smart

(or at least the presidential equivalent
of coloring inside the lines

while your staff
closely supervises the crayon)

but to challenge him
to a numbers game

when we know
what you like to do with numbers

particularly small ones
that apply to you

like crowd sizes
and approval ratings.

This poem © 2017 Emily Cooper.