Thursday, June 18, 2015

Shake Your Money Maker

Hey ladies

prepare to have
your demographic acknowledged
on some paper currency

or to be specific
the 10-dollar bill.

The query
about the absence of women
on paper money

was in fact
first posited by a 10-year-old
human female named Sofia

from Massachusetts

and then that mission
was adopted by the group
Women On 20s.

While the lucky lady
won't get to upend Andrew Jackson

she may do that
to Alexander Hamilton

or be printed concurrently
(leading to an exciting
battle of the sexes
in a wallet or purse

when receiving change back
from the aforementioned 20). 

She says
"I really think
that if anyone has an idea

that they think would be important
or something they think
needs to change

then they should
do something about it."

Which means
that someone with that much faith
in the system

is thereby required
to lobby on behalf
of everyone

and kindly request
that the girly greenbacks
are worth more

than three-fourths
of the dudely dinero.

This poem © 2015 Emily Cooper.