Saturday, November 8, 2014

Don’t Come Home A-ppointin'

Yesterday the White House
announced Obama's intent

to nominate U.S. Attorney
Loretta Lynch

for the position of
Attorney General of the United States.

She comes with a recommendation
from New York Mayor
Bill de Blasio

that "the nation is about to meet
Loretta Lynch for the first time

but in the five boroughs
she is already known

for her character
toughness and uncompromising

sense of justice."

Were she nominated
by the Senate

she would be
the first black woman
to hold the position

with an impressive track record
of prosecutions
including those of

the police officers
who assaulted Haitian immigrant
Abner Louima

the Republican Represenative Michael Grimm
from Staten Island

who was accused of hiding
more than $1 million
of his restaurant's sales and wages

such corrupt politicians like
New York State Senate Majority Leader
Pedro Espada Junior

who embezzeled more than $400,000
from his nonprofit
Soundview Health Center

money that was meant
to "purchase medical equipment
and hire personnel

to enhance health care services
for an underserved population"

and Vincent Asaro
a reputed mobster
who stole $6 million

from the Lufthansa Airlines vault
at John F. Kennedy International Airport
(as dramatized
in the movie Goodfellas).

Sounds like a solid choice
for this newly reddened Senate

flush with energy
and determination

to get to work
making lots more

of these solid decisions
in rapid succession

now that Democrats
are out of their way
and won't distract them.

This poem © 2014 Emily Cooper.