Tuesday, March 7, 2017

No Woman No Buy

Wednesday March 8th

is the Day Without A Woman strike
and International Women's Day.

Tomorrow the women who are able
will skip work

(and those who can and can't

will wear red

refrain from shopping

ask the men in their life
for some help for once

and attend rallies)

thus demonstrating even and especially
to those (including some leaders of the free world)
who don't believe so

that in addition to immigrants
the economy depends on women.

And please dear POTUS
of course you won't

but if you learn anything from a crowd more massive
than the one at your inauguration
or the "March 4 Trump"

the lyrics to Bob Marley's
"No Woman, No Cry"

have nothing to do
with how "sad" it is

that angry women exist.

This poem © 2017 Emily Cooper.