Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Scorn Trooper

On Saturday

Hillary Clinton
walked in about a minute late

relaxed and unfazed

to the Democratic debate
on ABC

hearkening back
to the debate
on October 13th

when she joked
that it took her longer to pee

than her male colleagues

Rumor has it

she was actually tweeting Donald Trump
and his supporters

a "huge spoiler"

about the new Star Wars movie

namely that a black actor
plays a Stormtrooper

and smugly anticipating

the waves of support
in her direction

and the subsequent sycophancy
of Trump's followers

caused by such a revelation

when Trump complained
about the "politically correct" casting.

It's true no news stories exist
to corroborate that rumor

but at least that would explain

why Trump tweeted
"It was really strange
when Hillary was missing

from the podium last night.

Not very presidential!"

rather than criticizing ABC
for airing the debate
a minute too soon.

He seems truly hurt

and granted her campaign
is more than
a little hawkish

but he'll probably get over it
soon enough.

This poem © 2015 Emily Cooper.