Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Impeachable Offense

Fox News
if your well
has run dry

feel free to quote
the following.

The only time
which Democrats
progressives and just liberals
in general

feel happy to be citizens
of our country

is when we win 2 to 1
(and what kind of tiny
winning score is that?)
at a sport

invented in Europe
and played internationally

which we don't
even call "soccer"
but rather "football"

against citizens
of a country
just a 4,000-mile

hop skip and a jump
away from our
beloved president's homeland

(assuming being a "birther"
is still cool
this late into Obama's
second term).

Because there
is no such thing

as a soccer-loving Republican.

So with your flair
for creative reporting

with these above facts
as a solid foundation

this could be
an absolutely scandalous story
that unseats all Democrats
in Congress

and makes Obama retire
in sudden embarrassment
"due to unrelated issues".

Maybe call it
"soccer Benghazi"?

This poem © 2014 Emily Cooper.