Thursday, July 10, 2014

Don't Be So Insured

Three major research institutions

Urban Institute
Gallup and Commonwealth Fund
all have one
inconvenient-for-Obama conclusion

which is that
the number of Americans lacking healthcare
has plummeted this year

from about 17 percent
to 13 percent uninsured.

Among the 8 million
new beneficiaries
to the luxury of not having

to visit the emergency room
for the sniffles

were people
with low and moderate incomes

many of whom
were eligible for government subsidies

and Latinos.

But the states that went
the intriguingly bold route

of denying Obama's
totally free Medicaid expansion

(you know
because it's a government handout

and to accept
would make the higher-ups culpable
of socialism

and you don't
want that blood on your hands)

and saving
the too-poor from themselves

know that in reality
there's nothing more certain
than death and taxes

especially for our President

who is smuggling dissidents
and making them
pay 1 percent of their household income

then 2 percent
then 2.5 percent

until they finally
pay with their lives

by relenting to pay less
(to a socialist)

to keep themselves
alive and well.

This poem © 2014 Emily Cooper.