Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Nothing Has Changed

Donald Trump was most likely
not an avid fan
of David Bowie

who started out a Neo-Nazi
and ended up an outspoken advocate

for feeling comfortable
in your own skin

but at least
he's no stranger

to making a new and inadvertent self-reflection

every time
he sics his wit

onto someone
who disagrees with him.

Fellow Republican
Nikki Haley

isn't too fond of President Obama
but did concede

that at his State of the Union address
he did make a good point

when he namelessly rejected
Trump's favored form
of identity politics.

"Yes, Mr. Trump has definitely contributed
to what I think
is just irresponsible talk"

she said on ABC News.

Well perhaps.

Trump called her "weak on immigration"
and said that she asked him

for campaign donations
when she was running for Governor of South Carolina

and probably still would now
if he weren't running for president.

And as for Obama

"He's living in a fantasy land.
I think this man is living
in a fantasy land".

But at least Trump put on

a snazzy pair of reading glasses
when telling a crowd

the cautionary tale
comparing the venomous snake

in soul singer Al Wilson's
1963 song "The Snake"

to immigrants.

This poem © 2016 Emily Cooper.