Friday, August 15, 2014

Executive Orders

Today a grand jury has indicted
Republican Texas Governor
Rick Perry

on charges of abuse
of official capacity

which is a first-degree felony

carrying a punishment
of five to ninety-nine
years in prison

and coercion
of a public servant

which is a third-degree felony

with a punishment
of two to ten years.

Rick Perry knows
that a real Texas cowboy

does not run away 
from the law

but rather
publicly threatens to defund
his state's public integrity unit

of $7.5 million
over the course
of two years

if its head

the Democrat
Travis County District Attorney
Rosemary Lehmberg

(who really yes
should not have been

endangering public safety
by drunk driving)

does not resign.

Rick Perry has approved
the execution
of 234 prisoners

more than any other governor
in US history

but really
they all completely deserved it

and such actions

should never leave one
with a lingering doubt
of one's own ethics

or even the sense
that what goes around

may in fact come around
to bite one

on the cojones someday.

This poem © 2014 Emily Cooper.