Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Fight for Your Right

Speaker Boehner
is a firm believer

in Louisiana Republican Representative Steve Scalise's
ability to quell

the racially-charged controversy
he has found himself in

after revealing that
in 2002
he gave a speech

to the European-American Unity
and Rights Organization

headed by prominent
former-KKK member David Duke.

Scalise has defended himself
by saying

“One of the many groups

that I spoke to
regarding this critical legislation

was a group whose views
I wholeheartedly condemn."

Black Democrat Representative
Cedric L. Richmond of Louisiana

has also given him
the benefit of the doubt
by saying

“He’s got a chance
to write his own history
going forward now”

though the Louisiana Democrats
requested that he apologize.

As for Obama

he surely deserves
some of the blame

that Scalise did not
come forward sooner

as he has time and time again
set an example

by working with people
whose views he wholeheartedly condemns.

This poem © 2014 Emily Cooper.