Sunday, August 3, 2014

Border Customs

Today in history
in 1882
Congress passed the Immigration Act

which banned immigration
from China
for ten years.

Two days ago in 2014
President Obama
chided House Republicans

for passing
"the most extreme
and unworkable versions

of a bill that they already know
is going nowhere"

allocating $694 million
to deal with the people

waiting in "crisis" at the nation's
Southern border

and this bill
did not pass
the Senate.

Really a "crisis"
is a moment for decision-making

and even the Democrats
$2.7 billion investment

would only be the beginning
not the end

(and let it be said
that volunteer communities
in southern Texas

do a lot
to help immigrants
without the benefit
of government legislation).

Maybe when Congress
returns from recess

they (and really we)
can make a beginning

that reflects
who we are today.

This poem © 2014 Emily Cooper.