Friday, October 9, 2015

Trump's Border WALL-E

Donald Trump
and Ben Carson

are the top two
Republican candidates

but Carson assures us
he will not be
Trump's running mate

as he is “very concerned
about the Donald Trump people
in our society.”

Welcome to the club Carson

(and it's a pretty big one

though yours
is fascinating
in its own respects).

We can only hope
he's referring to Trump's supporters

and not
hastily-made replicas

who can individually dedicate themselves

to the latest hot-button topic

and randomly generate unprovoked
and less-than-minimally-informed responses.

(Of course
none of the statements
needs resemble even remotely

anything prior
that was said
by another clone.)

Though any technical malfunctions

in our still-pre-Singularity age

might make "him"
more relatable and lovable 

and dig him ever so slightly

out of his current "Uncanny Valley"
and semi-realistic
but still off-putting facade.

This poem © 2015 Emily Cooper.