Saturday, December 5, 2015

All in the Same Gang

This Hanukkah 
it would only be right

if you took the time

to "act like you"
didn't "forget about"
the Dr. Dreidel

(to quote a verse)

featuring the visage
of actor and rapper
Andre Young

who goes by
the stage name Dr. Dre.

Conceptual artist Heather Rothstein
used the service

to request the four-sided top
with the usual Hebrew characters

be replaced with
his appropriate expressions.

Gimmel meaning "take all"
is Dre giving
a thumbs-up.

Hay or "take half"
is Dre looking somewhat smug.

Nun or "take nothing"
has him looking bored and bemused

and Shin or "put one in"
makes the good doctor
put a gun to his head

and makes one think
he should see
a licensed doctor immediately

given the generally low cost
of the chocolate coins

which are commonly used
to "gamble".

Unfortunately the product
is not for sale

but it should nonetheless
improve the holiday's
lucky-triumph-through-scarcity mythology

and more importantly
its bling quotient
compared with Christmas.

This poem © 2015 Emily Cooper.