Wednesday, January 21, 2015

State of The Onion

After President Obama's
State of the Union address

the GOP has proven
that despite their majority in Congress

they are willing to cooperate wholeheartedly
to achieve a better future
for America as a whole.

They have completed their first item
on their agenda

which is to edit out
the parts of his speech
that criticize them

for example

for denying climate change
at 43:25.

They also skip another section
at 44:51

where Obama spoke of respecting
“human dignity”

prohibiting torture
and speaking out against anti-Semitism.

It's too early to accuse
anyone of intentional wrongdoing

or downplaying issues
Republicans would rather not address

or of unintentional support
of everything else Obama said.

(Luckily in the GOP rebuttal
Senator Joni Ernst of Iowa

said that "rather than
respond to a speech"

she wanted to
"talk about your priorities."

That's a big relief.)

This poem © 2015 Emily Cooper.