Saturday, August 15, 2015

Gets You On His Wavelength

President Obama
has shared with all his 3.66 million
Twitter followers

two Spotify playlists
featuring all his favorite summer jams

one for the day
when he's keeping
his temples from bursting

and the other for nighttime
after he's said his piece

because he's almost 7 years in
and he doesn't have
to take this anymore.

Featured artists include Howlin' Wolf
Isley Brothers
Bob Marley
Rolling Stones

all the way to Coldplay
Justin Timberlake

Florence + The Machine
and the Lumineers

but perhaps
the most stand-out inclusion

for humorous and sober
(so to speak)
and all combinations thereof

poets of the world

just five short weeks
short of the artist's 81st birthday

is Leonard Cohen's "Suzanne".

But it raises the question

as to whether he has
a third and secret playlist

featuring just one song
on repeat

a later Cohen tune
called "Democracy"

and whether he sings
ever-so-softly before he turns out the light
the anthemic chorus

"Democracy is comin'
to the USA".

This poem © 2015 Emily Cooper.