Monday, April 6, 2015

Outsource Your Convictions

Just a reminder to Jeb Bush

that even though "Hispanic"

is counted as an ethnicity
and not a race
on the Census

and we don't doubt
that you have Mexican and Venezuelan
"street cred"

via your wife Columba
and a stint as an English teacher
in your mid-20s

exploring the possibility
of entering the presidential race

has nothing to do
with re-enacting

an ancient Dave Chappelle skit
on your signed
voter-registration form.

When you once said

that you didn't think that
"a party can aspire
to be the majority party
if it's the old white guy party"

you could also
try to stand out
amongst your fellow Republicans

by trying a new tack
of actually being your "own man"

and stop mooching
off your brother George.

This poem © 2015 Emily Cooper.