Sunday, July 6, 2014

Devils in His Head

Hey kids
remember that headbanging

is only good
for "metal health"

not "mental health".

A 50-year-old
German man
went to the doctor

complaining of headaches
though he hadn't
had a head injury
experimented with drugs

or done anything else

but attend a perfectly innocent
Motorhead show.

The poor man
had some brain bleeding

but he'll be okay

although the medical team
noted in a paper
published Friday

previous cases
of minor brain damage

associated with heavy metal music.

It's all well and good
to be cautious

but Dr. Islamian
could be a little
less presumptuous

in saying that
had the patient
gone "to a classical concert
this would not have happened"

as if classical concert-goers
don't feel the urge
to nod heartily

along with the conductor
during some really
bitchin' violin cadenza.

This poem © 2014 Emily Cooper.