Monday, December 14, 2015

Bully Pulpit

After his luncheon
with Killer Mike

Bernie Sanders
must be trying out
his rap skills on Twitter

when he writes
"In my view
we need to invest in jobs and education

not jails and incarceration"

and rues that "Today no piece of legislation
gets onto the floor

of the US Senate

unless it was bought
and paid for."

The message is good
and it rhymes

though the meter
a little clunky.

But it flows better

than Donald Trump's
new beef

with Ted Cruz.

"I was disappointed that Ted Cruz
would speak
behind my back

get caught
and then deny it.

Well welcome
to the wonderful world
of politics!"

It's got a juvenile

that should appeal

to all the bullies
in middle school

who are running smear campaigns
for class president.

(Though sixth-graders
tend to have
terrible taste in music.)

This poem © 2015 Emily Cooper.