Sunday, November 16, 2014

Memory Foam Blocs

On Saturday
at the G20 Summit

Canadian Prime Minister
Stephen Harper got fresh

with Russian President Vladimir Putin
when he said

"I guess
I'll shake your hand

but I have only
one thing
to say to you"

which was

'You need
to get out of Ukraine.'"

To that bit
of backhanded diplomacy

(well to be fair
he did endure hours
of mental torture

by constantly having to choose
in the moment

just which non-answer was appropriate
for that particular question

such as lying by omission

phrasing nominally true occurrences
in the form
of self-serving moral positives

or the simple but effective
deflective platitude
to the audience)

Putin spoke
of a "need to sleep"

and took an early flight home.

This poem © 2014 Emily Cooper.