Saturday, December 26, 2015

Dynamic Personal Mobility

Pope Francis says
of the atheists

who don't really care
one way or the other

about what God
does not have to offer

that they will still
get into the same place

in which they
have no reason to believe

as will followers
of the Christian God.

He says

"God’s mercy has no limits
if you go to him
with a sincere and contrite heart.

The issue for those
who do not believe in God

is to obey their conscience."

In effect
nothing has changed

and atheists worldwide
will no doubt respond

"Okay cool.

What do you think
we've been doing?"

But they take for granted

that the Pope
had to pull a lot of strings
with God

to upgrade them
from "eternal damnation."

(And right when God
was working

through Santa Claus
to help him deliver

2 billion Hoverboards.)

This poem © 2015 Emily Cooper.