Sunday, July 5, 2015

We'll Be Missing U

In Donald Trump news

people the world over
who watched the match
on broadcast or web-based TV

saw Miss USA beat Miss Japan
with a record-breaking final score
of 5 to 2

(with 4 of USA's goals
being scored in the first 16 minutes

and 1 of Japan's goals
being graciously donated
by the USA).

Oh wait

that was the Women's World Cup 2015
what-the-world-calls-football match

and Donald Trump
had nothing to do with it

or even a watered-down
and hackneyed approximation

unlike his beauty pageant

for which he has spent
half a billion dollars
suing Univision Communications

to un-pull
from airing on its Spanish-language channel

(hopefully before next Sunday)

and may do the same
for NBC

who pulled him a week
after that

(still better late than never).

Plus even Rick Perry was offended
when Trump

in unambiguous and un-retractable terms

called most Mexicans "rapists."

Now he's saying
he didn't expect

the corporate and public response
to be "quite this severe."

This poem © 2015 Emily Cooper.