Friday, July 4, 2014

Going Fourth

President Obama says
"If they are really concerned
about me taking

too many executive actions
the best solution to that 

is passing bills."

Let it be known
that the now-anointed-by-

Bush issued 291
during his two terms

(and one of those
allowed some
moderate unkindness

to people that were
probably all really bad
for really really sure)

compared with Obama's 182

with one possibly
on the way

for immigration reform.

Everyone by now
has seen the 2012 clip
of Obama singing Al Green

but probably not
the more politically pertinent
Sly Stone bit

he performed in front
of both houses of Congress
late on June 27th

(the Friday night
before the week-long recess).

"I want to thank you
for letting me
be myself


and again and again
and again."

The repetition initially
invited some rhythmic
bipartisan clapping

until the realization
amongst GOP members
that clapping
appeared to symbolize agreement.

One step forward
two steps back.

This poem © 2014 Emily Cooper.