Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Enhanced Morality Avoidance

With her 33 years of experience
in the CIA
Gina Haspel is a shining example

of a leader with experience

something so sorely needed
in the Trump administration

being a bad choice
for the country

namely due to her prior predilection
for "enhanced interrogation" techniques

which is right in line
with Trump's America

in which vague promises
to "probably do the right thing
yeah yeah sure"

before immediately retracting
any handshakes signifying a promise

will win you a spot
in the dear leader's circle

for as long as you are valuable
to his whims

which hopefully include
a passing glance
at something like "American values."

It is to be hoped
that if she is nominated

which now seems likely

she turns out to be a bozo
with a conscience

who can unequivocally denounce
past versions of herself
who would condone torture


This poem © 2018 Emily Cooper.